With only a few weeks left of school, the Cleveland School District is reminding local residents to get out the vote over summer vacation.
A recent survey found that two thirds of Cleveland District residents support seeking a new referendum.
"The people wanted a choice, we're after the classrooms but we still need the rest of the facility. So the people wanted it to be split into two different questions, one - classrooms, tech labs and then the second question, will be the gymnasium," Cleveland School Board Chair Ronald McCabe said.
The first question is asking for a maximum of $14.4 million for major repairs and improvements, including roof replacement, construction of classroom additions and a STEM and Ag/Tech Lab. If that passes, the second question asks for a maximum of $5 million for the construction of a gym, locker rooms, mechanical room and weight room. Question two is contingent on question one passing.
"We outgrew our facility with the curriculum, you know it's not just reading, writing and arithmetic anymore. With all the programs that we have to offer for the students today," McCabe said.
With five different informational meetings planned throughout the district this summer, voters will have ample opportunity to understand what to expect on the ballot August 14th.

--KEYC News 12