The city of Mankato has something else to be proud of, mainly its drinking water.
Mankato was honored by the Minnesota Department of Health for exceptional commitment to protecting the drinking water supply.
The water department has been proactive with sealing abandoned wells to prevent contamination and making sure the city has a sustainable supply for the future.  They have also been using treated waste water for cooling systems and watering grass in parks, instead of water that could be used for drinking.
Mark Winson, director of public utilities for the city, said:  "Mankato has constantly tried to, as we put it, lead the way, the community is very environmentally sensitive.  Our staff and our employees are all about doing stewardship of the environment."  
The award was presented at last night's city council meeting.  May 6 - 12 has been designated Drinking Water Week, which highlights ways to keep water clean and ensure an ample supply for the future.