In preparation for upcoming Relay for Life events, two softball teams met in Truman to "strike out cancer."

Madelia and Granada–Huntley–East Chain–Truman were playing each other on the softball diamond, but off the field they were one team against cancer.

Holly Brummond is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for her fourth ovarian cancer diagnoses in four years.

Wednesday's game showed just how much help from others can lift up someone affected by the vicious disease and at the same time raising money for an important cause.
"I have a 14–year–old daughter who's playing here today," said  Brummond, who acknowledged the kindness of those raising money. "I want to watch her grow up."
"All this compassion and everybody's so dedicated to try and find a cure," said Sami Jo Helmers-Nelson, Relay For Life's community manager. "It's just a huge reminder of why we do what we do."
Fans were able to purchase ribbons to honor all those touched by cancer: those lost, survivors and their caregivers.

Proceeds from ribbon purchases along with all other money raised through concessions and other attractions went directly to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life ahead of the upcoming events in Watonwan and Martin Counties.

After tonight's game, both teams gathered on the diamond for a ceremonial walk to recognize a loved one who has experienced the battle.
Tonight, sportsmanship and a united mission of support showed the power of a community in making the fight a little easier.
"A couple months ago, my aunt passed away from ovarian cancer, she was battling it for a couple years," said Eden Studer alongside Brummond's daughter Ainsley, both girls play outfield for the Jaguars. "Recently my great–grandma was diagnosed with a tumor in her stomach, and this event with all these people supporting us means a lot to me."
Martin County's Relay for Life will be held Saturday, June 23 and Watonwan County's is on the following Friday.

If you would like to get involved or donate, visit 

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