It takes a lot of work to keep a yard looking good.  It's no surprise that lots of people decide to have someone do the work for them.  The Better Business Bureau has a few tips for hiring the right company.
Dan Hendrickson, spokesperson for the BBB, said:  "Watch out for those door to door solicitations, especially when the truck is unmarked or the person won't answer your questions, or won't give you a written contract.  These are situations you want to be careful about.  Any kind of work being performed on your property there should be a contract."

Make sure you do your research.  The Better Business Bureau website is a good place to start.  Government resources are also very useful.

"Check the court records to see if there's been any action against a business owner or a business.  From there you should always check with the Minnesota Tree Care Registry which is administered by the Department of Agriculture in Minnesota, here.", Hendrickson mentioned.

Verify that the landscaper is licensed, bonded and carries adequate insurance.

Hendrickson said:  "You want to make sure that you are putting your property in the hands of someone who is gonna do right by you."