Hy-Vee has partnered with The Wahlbergs, to open the first "Wahlburgers" in Minnesota.  

Actors Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg have worked with the corporation for over a year, to bring the Boston-original restaurant to Minnesota.

Hy–Vee CEO Randy Edeker said part of their agreement, is to extend certain items to local Hy–Vees with a Market Grille. 

"We'll actually have a card in all of our menu, menus that say home of the 'Wahlburger'," said Edeker.

"So we will get a flavor of Wahlburgers out in some of those other towns, that have our full service market grills and so there's fifty of those." 

Edeker said the action will allow others towns to experience the items, without having to travel to the mall.

The restaurant will be open to the public on May 22, from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., on the second level of the North side of the building. 

Mall of America will host a grand opening for the restaurant on May 31 at  6 p.m. in the Rotunda.

There will be guest appearances from Mark, Donnie and Paul.  The event is open to the public. 

-KEYC News 12