The color purple, not only showcases where 11–year–old Kaden Olson attends school but portrays the fight he endures every single day.

In January of 2015, Kaden was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.

Weeks before, his grandfather, James Malo, received news that he had lung cancer.

Grandfather and grandson worked to overcome their obstacles together.

Kaden's mother Sandra Malo said "Both of them struggled, but in the process of all of that they were each other's strength and they were each other's best friends."

Shortly after, Kaden's grandfather passed away, inspiring a creation to honor not only his life but others as well.

In an effort to be part of his mother's "Relay for Life" team, Kaden decided to create keychains to symbolize the different struggles patients are facing.

Olson said "The reason I wanted to join is because my grandpa died of lung cancer and hopefully since I joined the team, we can kick cancer to the curb."

This morning, he brought his creations to Truman Public School so classmates could purchase the $2 items.

Kaden has been selling these colorful symbols of hope since May 3rd, reaching citizens all over southern Minnesota.

Malo added "Even though Kaden has had his own journey with his own diagnosis of Crohn's, he still looks around him and looks at people that are not doing as well as he does and finds ways to help him. My dad would be so incredibly proud of the person he's becoming."

More than 20 different types of keychains were on display and in just ten minutes, they sold out.

Kaden and his mother's team "We Walk Because They Can't" plan to participate in the Martin County "Relay for Life" event on June 23rd at the Martin County Fairgrounds beginning at 3 p.m.

To order a keychain of your own, you can email Sandra Malo at or on Facebook 'Sandra Malo."

You can also donate to the team by visiting and searching their team name. 

- KEYC 12