Mankato Ballet Company is gearing up for their spring performance.
Performers at the Mankato Ballet Company are breaking out the umbrellas and spoonfuls of sugar for their rendition of "Poppins;" a re–telling of the childcare's classic Mary Poppins.
Although the recital is based on the Disney film,  MBC's production includes all original work.
"We tried to find different versions sometimes just to make it different," said Eryn Michlitsch, Artistic Director for Mankato Ballet Company. "It helps us find different artists works that took a different approach to the music too so that helps keep it from seeming like you're just watching the Disney movie again."
The company's complete roster of 300 full–time dancers ages 3 and up will be participating in the performance.

With a limited amount of instructors, older students step up share the responsibility of leading other dancers.

"Having to learn all these little pieces involving all the kids," said Shannie Rao, playing Bert the Chimney Sweep. "It gives us so much more perspective and ability to see this whole show coming together rather than just these little pieces and stuff."
Some of the students performing have will have been dancing together from elementary school through their senior year of high school.
"Having all your friends at the studio with you and seeing all the characters and how they fit their real–life personality; that's really fun to see," said Sophia Weelborg, a high school senior who plays Mary Poppins
A dress rehearsal for "Poppins" will be held tomorrow with performances this Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM and 5 PM all at St. Peter High School.

Tickets can be purchased online at MBC's website.

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