One local bank continues to pride itself on forming and maintaining relationships in the community.
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Some say money makes happiness, but for Pioneer Bank deposits and withdrawals aren't the only focus they value.

With origins dating back to 1903, the local company now serves customers in seven locations across southern Minnesota.

With multiple communities to aid, creating a bond and connecting with customers remains a top priority.
"We believe deeply in building relationships. Some banks focus on transactions, we really focus on building relationships and part of that relationship building is how we commit to the communities we serve," said David Krause, CEO of Pioneer Bank. "Our bankers are school teachers, tee ball coaches and volunteer fireman. We try to provide leadership and make a difference in our towns."

In an effort to showcase the energy portrayed in its services, the company recently unveiled a new look while keeping its colors.
Pioneer Bank has also received recognition, being the only bank in Minnesota to be a finalist for the "Extraordinary Bank of the Year" award in the last two years.

Internal culture, customer service, financial literacy, philanthropy and extraordinary banking practice are criteria measured to signify three of the more than 6,000 banks across the country.
"A testament to that is our employees. Our employees are proud of where they work, they put in the time and the effort not only in their job but in their communities that they're in. We are the faces of our communities." said Alissa Brekke, President of Pioneer Bank.

Pioneer Bank's seven locations are Mankato, North Mankato, Saint James, Madelia, Mapleton, Lewisville and Lake Crystal.

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