For anyone who has wanted help with their Pickleball game, you're in luck. A professional player is visiting Mankato to host a weeklong clinic.
The sport of Pickleball has boomed in southern Minnesota. Four years ago the Mankato Pickleball Association had 20 members, currently they have 142.
"The biggest thing with Pickleball is you get addicted to it. It's so much fun, it's easy to play and it's been a real boom for elder people like myself, senior citizens because it gets us off the couch, gets us off the court and we're playing and it's not going to be real hard on you. You can play as hard as you want. Some of us like to think we're still forty but that doesn't always work," Mankato Area Pickleball Association President John Sandry said.
"We have several levels here. It's growing here in Mankato so there's very beginner people and pretty experienced people so trying to tailor each session to their particular needs but we're starting out with the very basics of what is Pickleball, how to hold a paddle and how to hit the ball and the rules. With the higher level players we're getting into some of the strategy that's involved, just trying to make a little bit better Pickleball players," professional Pickleball Player Joe Frasca said.
The daily clinics will run from 9 am to 6 pm until June 10 at Tourtellotte Park, to learn more visit

--KEYC News 12