Earlier this week we told you about former Fairmont High School standout, Luke Becker's ninth round selection by the San Diego Padres.

The infielder takes off for extended spring training later this weekend before he's placed onto a minor league squad. Fans from around the area made their way out to State Bank of Fairmont for autographs and pictures. 

Becker started his college career playing for North Iowa Community College leading the team to regional and super regional championships in 2015, he spent the last three years with the Kentucky Wildcats. This season he batted .286 with 7 homeruns and 38 RBIs.
"The SEC was big for me, they were very appealing, it's the best college baseball in the country. I wanted to go there and play with the best and going from junior college it wasn't easy, it was definitely tough but it was good for me, academically, athletically. Grew a lot," Becker said.

"Tuesday morning I got some texts and some phone calls from teams that said hey, and you know 5 hours later looking at my phone screen for 5 hours and didn't have anything until about the 8th round when teams started calling and then it finally happened. Tuesday was a long day but it was nice, it was pretty cool," Becker added. 

--KEYC News 12