The Ambassadors Blues Fest made sure the show went on, despite Saturday's heavy rain. 

St. Peter Ambassadors' John Mayer said this weather is not new to him or his group.
"I can deal with rain better than we can deal with wind, I don't like wind anymore," said Mayer. 

" But rain, it is what it is, we need it, we love it, we like water here, sometimes you have to deal with it."
Besides the organizers, those who attended the event, did not allow a little rain, to stop them from their weekend fun. 

Guests Leah Plocher and Rachel Ihlenfeldt said they traveled a long way for the event. 
"We are on a mission trip over in Saint James, I'm from Michigan and Rachel is from Wisconsin," said Plocher.

" We have a friend in the Reserves, and he invited us out today, and we decided to come see what it is all about."

Ihlenfeldt said she was excited for the event, a day that she hopes to remember.  
"We're looking forward to experiencing the culture of the small town," said Ihlenfeldt.

" And that's what we're looking forward to doing this summer."

Vendors from all over came down for the 10th Annual Ambassadors Blues Fest, including Le Center's family-owned food truck El Tacazo. 

Owner Noemi Martinez said the family has participated in the event for three years. 
"This town is very supportive, so they as soon as the rain drops stop, I'm sure they'll be people coming in, to enjoy the music because it's really nice music," said Martinez. 
Each year the St. Peter Ambassadors put a lot of work into this festival, work that they know will produce a great show.
"Since 9 o'clock this morning, we've been dealing with this and dealing with that and making strides, " said Mayer. 

" We have Blues Fest and now we're just waiting for it stop 'lightning' ,or 'monsooning.' or whatever it does, and the first band is going to be ready to go."
Mayer said they have experienced rainstorms over the years, but lots of people still show up. The organization is very excited to see everyone come out and enjoy the "Good Ol' Blues."

The festival starts at 2:30 p.m and ends at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. For more information on the events and lineup, visit .

-- KEYC News 12