Summer for children is supposed to be about having fun and getting outside.

Summer shouldn't be about wondering where your next meal is going to come from and when.

The Salvation Army Mobile Outreach Meals Summer Feeding Program, or MOMs, is providing meals for both kids and adults that struggle financially in the summertime.

"It is a partnership with MDE, the Minnesota Department of Education, this year all of the schools in Mankato are feeding as well," said program director Leslie Johnson.  "We are partnered with MDE as well feeding at four locations this year trying to reach some of the kids who maybe don't have a way to get to one of those schools that are feeding."

Summertime for parents can be tough on the mind and the wallet as some children are left home alone.

"So the goal of this program is to provide a nutritious meal to these kids during the summer," explained Johnson.  "Some of these kids are home alone and this helps supplement mom and dad's income throughout the summer when they have the extra strain on their budget of having a house full of kids too so we try to alleviate some of that by bringing a meal to them."

Every weekday throughout the summer, the MOMs program will be stopping at Red Cross, Eastport Apartments, Southhaven MHC and Eastwood Manor Mobile Park.  This creates familiarity between the staff and the people coming out for some nutritious food.

The program follows school lunch guidelines so the lunch looks exactly like something a child would receive at school.

--KEYC News 12