Last month, we told you about two MSU brothers competing at the NCAA Division two outdoor track and field championships.

Elijah Calderon–Pitchford and Isaiah Pitchford both earned All–American status at the big meet but still needed to settle a friendly rivalry.

"He's getting old, he's retired now, he's looking a little chubby, I saw a McDonald's bag in the car the other day so it's looking good for me," said Elijah.

It might not be the NCAA Championships,  but plenty is still at stake for these two athletes competing in the Breed Pitchford Decathlon, in a two day showcase.

Elijah backed up all his pre–meet trash talking with a solid performance for bragging rights.

"After day one, I felt confident about what I did, I thought the 200 should have been a little closer. I was banking on shot put being a little closer than what it was. When we got to the triple jump he said it was over, so I jumped from 12 steps instead of 16. After all these years, making all the polls on Twitter, it was nice to come out here and do something about it, it was a lot of fun," said Elijah.

"My long jump could have gone a little bit better, his long jump, it wasn't even a real meet, and he jumps almost better than he ever has before. He did a shorter approach from the triple jump. The 8, I ran 2:17, 2:16, I probably could have run a 2:05, 11 second difference," said Isaiah.

"Little bro showed him who big bro is," said Elijah.

"I love this kid, but he should not have won. Like I said, we're going to have a rematch," said Isaiah.

Elijah may have to wait for another friendly decathlon until after the U–S track and field championships.

"After I jumped a 15–93 here at the twilight, I knew it was kind of close, the standard was 16–30, so going into nationals, I wanted to get that. My coaches and I sat down and found out I was 35th in the nation. We said we're going to sign me up, and hopefully give them my best. I'll jump the 22nd at 5:30 if I do get in. To go against some of the best, and be in that atmosphere with the pros would be a big accomplishment," said Elijah.

That competition takes place later this month.

--KEYC News 12