GOOD THUNDER, MN - A farm in Good Thunder needs your help.

Carol Nase, a family friend who is helping out, said: "It's just incredible the amount of strawberries that are out there.  We can't keep ahead of them."

Phelps English Gardens is inviting the public to come pick organic strawberries, right out of the field.
"Outside of a little 'em right off the stem.", Nase said.

The area got an astounding five inches of rain over the past few days, which bruised some of the strawberries.  On top of that, a family emergency means the delicious fruit needs to be picked, before they go rotten.

"Last Thursday when we picked, we thought we were having a bumper crop and then the rain came and we got put back a little ways, but there's still going to be plenty out there to pick.", Nase mentioned.

You can pick your own strawberries for just $3 a quart.  Or you can have them do the picking for $4.50 per quart.  If you want to keep your kids entertained this week, bring them out to the farm.  A family from Georgia recently went picking at the farm, and loved the experience.

"It was great watching them get so excited about doing this.  Because, they live in town, they're from Georgia originally, and had never done anything like this so they just thoroughly enjoyed it.", said Nase.
Contact Phelps English Gardens at 507-380-9544 or follow them on Facebook at