ST. JAMES, Minn. -- The Watonwan County Library recently adopted the "Librarian on the Loose" initiative, to keep children and their parents flipping pages this summer. 

The library understands that when school is out, families have planned summer activities, but they encourage them to visit their libraries and continue reading.  

Watonwan County Children Services Director Megan Karau initiated the idea and now reads to kids throughout the town. 

"We found it very difficult to actually bring kids and families into the library, we compete with a lot of different sports," said Karau.

" With swimming lessons, with even just daycares, they can't always bring kids here."

The library agreed to the plan and bought her a bike, to use for transportation to her "reading spots." 

The kids seemed to enjoy the "reading time," which involved singing, a game of "Simon Says," a Sheep Color Guessing game, and the reading of "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More."

Karau assures that the reading sessions are interactive. Students Emily Karau and Devyn Paris said they enjoyed the reading time and look forward to reading books. 

"I ain't gonna paint no more," said Emily.  

Devyn said she wants to finish reading Charlotte's Web. " I wanted it read Charlotte's Web, which I'm already on reading. with my parents," said Devyn. 

Parents and teachers enjoyed the opportunity as well. Pre-school Teacher Heidi Kuehl said she hopes other local schools will join in on the fun. 

"If they could participate more, cause sometimes it seems that our daycare centers are the ones that are at the library, so if everyone can."

With the way things are going, Karau sees the initiative being a summer success, and perhaps other seasons as well.

We'll see how it goes, and maybe I'll do it into the fall, obviously winter here in Minnesota, I'm not going to get on a bike," said Karau. 

" We'll try fall and spring and we'll, I'm willing to play with it and see what happens."

Karau said she is very gracious for the support of the community, and looks forward to reading to as many kids as possible.

The readings take place every Thursday, for the rest of the summer, at different locations in the city. 

--KEYC News 12