County Road 1 (Old Highway 66) between Indian Lake Road and Gwyn Avenue in Mankato will be closed for reconstruction beginning Monday, June 18.

Drivers should expect this portion of the road to be closed until fall and are encouraged to find alternate routes.
This 2.4-mile project is the second phase of the Old Highway 66 turnback project from Good Thunder to Mankato.

Due to the complexity and magnitude of work, the project will be completed over two construction seasons.
This phase consists of three segments:
Segment 1: Gwyn Avenue to 1600-ft. south of Indian Lake Road. Work includes tree removal, shoulder widening, curve and trail realignment, slope stabilization, installation of new drainage systems, gravel base and concrete curb & gutter placement, and new bituminous pavement.

Segment 2: 1600-ft. south of Indian Lake Road to County Road 90. Work includes concrete curb & gutter replacement, pavement of shoulders, pavement milling, and new bituminous pavement.

Segment 3: North of 193rd Street (about ½ mile north of County Road 9). Work includes tree removal, placement of temporary soil surcharge over the existing and proposed roadway alignments to compress soft underlying soils, and temporary aggregate roadway placement over the surcharge.
Residents and landowners are encouraged to contact the Blue Earth County Public Works Department to coordinate access concerns with the county and the contractor, Mathiowetz Construction.

For more information on the County Road 1 project, contact the Blue Earth County Highway Department at (507) 304-4025.

- KEYC 12