MANKATO, MINN - MnDOT finished off its series of Highway 22 open house tonight in Mankato,
In the final of three open houses, MnDOT put focus on the middle portion of its Highway 22 revamp.

The second segment of the Highway 22 project stretches southbound from county road 2 on the Blue Earth County to county road 90 past Mankato.

Previous open houses were held in Mapleton and Kasota to address public questions and concerns with those respective segments on the Highway.
Mankato's portion contains multiple intersections that project officials have flagged as less–than–safe.
"There's some safety concerns," said Paul Vogel, Community Development Director for the City of Mankato. "Especially at some critical intersections for instance at Augusta drive and 22 where in fact there was a recent accident.
Diane McConnell is a Mankato resident and has a work commute that takes her across 22 every day at the Augusta Drive intersection.
"It is challenging to get out on that highway sometimes with all the traffic going there," McConnell said. "I've seen a couple different accidents, pretty serious ones in the last couple months since I've lived here. A main concern of mine is to see what they're going to do with that intersection."
Safety in the Mankato segment of the Highway 22 improvement is a highlighted issue in the planning process.

MnDOT says both pedestrians and motorists are being considered in their plans.
"There are a lot of different alternatives," said Blue Earth County Commissioner Vance Stuehrenberg. "There's a passing lane, or a turn lane that we could put on Highway 22 North that would make turning a lot safer."
MnDOT is encouraging residents affected by Highway 22 travel to give input as to what their preferences are for the project.

Comments can be shared online through July 4.
MnDOT will collect more data and conduct a more specific round of open houses sometime in the fall.

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