ST. PETER. Minn. - One author is doing her part in changing the stigma surrounding Minnesota's mental institutions.
Author Susan Bartlett Foote discussed her new book, The Crusade for Forgotten Souls: Reforming Minnesota's Mental Institutions. The book recounts Minnesota's reform movement that broke the stigma surrounding mental illness, publicized the painful truth about the state's asylums, and resulted in the first legislative steps toward a modern mental health system.  
"Wasn't until I was deep into the book and nearly finished that I began to see the relevance to our own time it's not just an isolated piece of history that is now 70 years ago but it actually is an inspirational period of time for improving and understanding what needs to be done in mental health," Foote said.
Foote wanted to visit St. Peter because of the security hospital in town and hopes the discussion will continue to shed light on Minnesota's mental institutions. Her book is available online and at local independent bookstores.

--KEYC News 12