MANKATO, MINN - US Representative Keith Ellison was in Mankato tonight as part of his Southern Minnesota campaign tour for Minnesota Attorney General.
Ellison is currently representing Minnesota's 5th Congressional District as a  democrat but will step down after this term.

Mankato is one of five Southern Minnesota cities Ellison is visiting on his campaign trip.

The DFL Attorney General Candidate says he is running to be "The People's Lawyer for all Minnesotans"
"I think the attorney general will stand up for people who come from backgrounds," Ellison said.  "[They] might be vulnerable, historically discriminated against. That is veterans; that is our seniors, women, communities of color, we're going to make sure that we have liberty and justice for all, everybody in Minnesota."
Ellison's platform also focuses on consumer rights against predatory loans and wage disparity.
"Whether you are a consumer, small business, farmer, senior; no matter who you are, Minnesota would not be a place for folks who want to rip people off and bill consumers." Ellison said.
Minnesota's Attorney General race has a 9–candidate field with 5 DFLers, 3 Republicans and one grassroots party candidate.

Primary elections in Minnesota will be held on August 14th.

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