"My real name is Eden Elizabeth Kalk and my sister couldn't say my middle name, she couldn't say her th's so she said Eden Elizabliss," explained Bliss Kalk.

The nickname was born; a nickname that Eden Elizabeth Kalk is known by today and everyday:  Bliss.

The dictionary definition of bliss is perfect happiness; great joy.

This describes Bliss Kalk perfectly.  The free spirited, loving mother of two young children was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer back in October of 2017.

Fast forward to today and the community surrounded Bliss at the first annual BlissStock fundraiser.

"This is a family centered fund raising festival for my sister–in–law Bliss whose real name is Eden but she got the nickname Bliss as a very young girl," said brother-in-law Dan Kalk.

BlissStock was anything and everything Bliss Kalk.

There was a bounce house and horse and carriage for the kids.  While an essential oil creation station, live music and a silent auction were available for the adults.  All proceeds ended up going to the Kalk family to help with medical expenses.

"I thought you know what?  Whatever problems I have in this world, there's people with a lot more problems than me and I thought you know this is a great family, the Kalk family of New Ulm, Minnesota and it's just an opportunity to help them out in their time of need," said BlissStock volunteer Mark Santelman.

"Looking around here today you can see the love of this community is enormous.  I'm just so lucky, I'm just so blessed," added Bliss.

At the end of the day, everybody is affected by cancer one way or another.  That's probably what made BlissStock such an unforgettable event, one that no one will soon forget who it was for.

"Celebrating Bliss," said Dan Kalk.

--KEYC News 12