Deva Nation and Twin Rivers Council for the Arts partnered to explore the connection between arts and healing.

The session brought together logic and reasoning with inner feeling and spiritual wisdom while teaching participants about powerful, creative processes to explore how art unites the body, mind and spirit. 

The right side of the brain is not being used as much as the left.   By doing creative things while healing, you start to use your right side which creates a partnership between both sides creating wholeness.

“We’re not just going to talk about art and healing, we are actually going to give people an experience," explained group leader Semerit Strachan.  "They are actually going to be painting and we are going to be working on something that they want to heal in themselves or their life and they can have the experience of what art does in the process of healing.”

The Emy Frentz Arts Guild is home to many art events and showcases often times featuring local artists.

--KEYC News 12