MOUNTAIN LAKE, Minn. - The four-lane Highway 60 expansion project between St. James and Windom is slated to be complete this fall, and it's already bringing more commerce to the Mountain Lake area.

Work continues this summer on the final stretch between Mountain Lake and Windom.

"Then it will be four lanes all the way from the Twin Cities, down to Sioux City, and on to Omaha and beyond," Mountain Lake Mayor Mike Nelson said.

Nelson said the lane expansion has been something the community of Mountain Lake has been wanting for years.

"It's been sort of a dream for our community and area for probably 40, 50 years," he said. "That this whole corridor would be four lane and it's finally coming to fruition."

The project has already been generating business interest in Mountain Lake.

Mountain Lake Community Development Director Rob Anderson said the four lanes will create easier access for businesses.

"We've constructed a new 35 acre commercial park on Highway 60 and we're hoping to bring people in that are traveling from Sioux Falls maybe to the metro area," Anderson said.

A new Casey's store is also planned for the town.

--KEYC News 12