United Way's Week of Action is here.

The annual event gives people in town, mainly corporate groups, a chance to get out in the community and volunteer.

What started as a single day event has prospered into a week–long volunteer effort.

"We have about 150 volunteers, mainly corporate teams who are out doing everything from painting, organizing donations, landscaping," explained Laura Murray.  "They're outside today even in the kind of misty weather we have so they are just out and about at about 15 sites throughout the region."

The group arrived at Minnesota Valley Action Council eager to get to work and help out with landscaping issues.

However, weather forced the group to help out elsewhere.

"But due to the rain we did come inside and so we have been assigned various tasks within the building now so we are going to have some people help with the drop off of different donations and we are going to have other people help out with cleaning other areas of the building and sorting clothes," said City of Mankato employee Tricia Bleck.

Bleck works for the City of Mankato.  Because they work closely with members of the community, she believes this volunteer opportunity provides plenty of positives for her and her fellow coworkers.

"We have a really strong partnership with United Way and the opportunity for newer employees within the City of Mankato to be able to give back and kind of get out in the community and see what needs to be done and where we can help, that's a huge bonus for us and volunteering this way helps us do that," said Bleck.

Even though the United Way does see an uptick in volunteering this week, they urge those who want to get involved to do so; no matter what time of year it is.

"Really this week is about promoting service but United Way we connect volunteers with projects and non–profits with volunteers all throughout the year.  We really want people to feel like they can contact United Way if they would like to volunteer or if they need volunteers we are more than happy to connect them," added Murray.

Volunteers through the Week of Action come from over 20 regional companies and do volunteer work at more than 15 sites around the region.

--KEYC News 12