WASECA, Minn. - A hot and rainy June is causing problems for some farmers.

There have been 11 days in June with measurable rain.

The rainfall has been inconsistent across Southern Minnesota.

Tom Hoverstad with the Southern Research and Outreach Center said corn can withstand the rain, but it may result in fertilizer loss.

However, it has slowed down weed control in some soybean fields.

Wednesday is the cutoff for the popular soybean herbicide, Dicamba, meaning many farmers will have to resort to plan B.

"Restrictions are going to come into play because a lot of them can't be used on flowering soybeans, early–planted soybeans have already started to flower, so that puts some of them out of the question," Hoverstad said. "Others are follow-crop restrictions for next year."

As for the hot temperatures this month, those have sped up the growing process by about a week.

--KEYC News 12