A pair of Mankato Police officers are earning praise on social media for their act of kindness.

Sunday morning, Mankato Police Officers Jessica Ellis and Jeff Knutson were called to the report of a stolen bicycle.

Ellis says, “I wrote up the report and told the little girl I was going to help her find her bike.”

When they couldn't help 7-year-old Evie Hecker find it, they decided to find another way to make her smile.

Knutson says, “She hadn't even ridden it once. It was her birthday. So I got on the phone and decided we wouldn't stand for this we had to make it right.”

So they came up with a plan.

Stepfather Travis Defries says, “We told her the police had some more questions for her.”

But when the officers arrived, a different answer was found.

Mother Calla Defries says, “They made her close her eyes and the pulled out a bike.”

A brand new bike, the exact one that had been stolen. Purchased by the officers out of the goodness of their hearts.

Calla says, “It’s not something you see everyday. They went above and beyond.”

Proving that kindness can be found just around the corner.

-KEYC News 12