EAGLE LAKE, MINN - Some Eagle Lake residents are voicing concerns over plans for a new solar panel field that would surround their property.
Officials from Blue Earth County joined the Eagle Lake residents at an informal meeting to discuss issues related to the proposed location for a new solar panel field.

Location of the field is residents main concern, as of now, the solar panels will be installed directly across the front yard of Lyle Groskreutz, who has a view of a different solar panel field in his backyard.
"I've proposed to move it, you know, put it on the other parcel north of the one that's there," Groskreutz said. "But it just seems like our hands are tied, nobody wants to really move on anything."
Blue Earth County says current zoning laws allow the construction of the solar panels in its planned location. 

The county requires a conditional use permit for the solar field and likens the process to how hog farms are permitted to run.
"We have a pretty robust ordinance in place for the hog operations now," said Blue Earth County Commissioner Kip Bruender. "But the solar operations are new and so we are getting different feedback from different people and different concerned citizens."
No action was to be taken at tonight's meeting, the county representatives in attendance will gather the community's comments and report them to staff before a public hearing June 26 at 9 AM in Mankato.
"We can't impede people's enjoyment and use of their property. It goes both ways; people need to have the right to do what they want with their property but at the same time we have to try to respect the other people in the area too," Bruender said. "It's a fine line the county board walks, but that's what we had to do."
Tuesday's discussion involved just those against the solar panel's location. The owner of the land was not available for comment.

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