MANKATO, MINN - The weather cleared up just in time for some rooftop exercise in Mankato Thursday night.

Nearly 50 exercise enthusiasts made their way up 7 floors of Profinium Place downtown Mankato to enjoy a session of barre exercises followed by socializing and champagne.

The roof provided a good spot for attendees to practice the barre class, which combines yoga, and Pilates through a series of small range movements that are held for sometimes minutes at a time.

A fitness instructor from Studio E was on–hand to lead the session today.
"The goal is to perform it to failure. My goal is to bring you to that point and your job is to mentally not get there," said Erin Hatlestad, fitness instructor at Studio E. "It has that mental mind/body challenge that people are looking for in a workout."
The event was hosted by Mankato Mom's Blog along with Studio E. The organizers plan on continuing to host similar events, whether it's fitness or other lifestyle activities that brings the community together.
"The weather actually cooperated with us," said Mankato Moms Blog owner Jessica Blais. "We just wanted to give people a chance to try this awesome workout and mingle a little bit afterward; maybe meet some new people and make some new friends."

Thursday's Barre and Bubbly event brought in beginners and avid fitness buffs for a session packed with plenty of exercise and fun on the rooftop.
"We're usually in the studio so it's really fun to be outside in a different atmosphere and I think it'll be a challenge as always but it is fun to be outside since it's a good day." said Rachel Olson, who regularly attends barre classes.
Thursday's Barre and Bubbly was the first of its kind and drew a big crowd. Studio E hosts weekly Barre classes and hopes to do another rooftop session sometime later this summer.

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