Residents looking to get rid of old tires can go to R & R Tire in Mankato for environmentally–safe recycling.
2018 marks the 15th year that the auto and tire shop is holding its annual "community cleanup" tire recycling drive.

The shop is offering a $2.50 charge for drivers to recycle their standard car and light truck tires now through June 30.

Incorrect disposal of tires can result in fines from the city according to store owners.
"It's really good for the community. A lot of people don't realize but tires are made up and they have oil in them so if you leave them in your yard it soaks into the ground, also an excellent, excellent mosquito breeding ground." said Darold Schaeffer, co-owner of R & R Tire
Government health agencies say chemicals in tires create a similar environment as forested areas where mosquitoes spawn and safe disposal can prevent that situation.

----KEYC News 12