MARTIN COUNTY, MN - It might look like the middle of a lake, but it is actually the intersection of State Highway 4 and County Road 32 in Martin County under about a foot of water.

The area was hit particularly hard by heavy rains that flooded fields and then spilled over onto the roads.
Kevin Peyman, Martin County engineer, said: "So in the last 2 weeks, we've had 21 spots that were underwater on about 15 different roads."

The water is starting to go down enough to reopen most of the roads to traffic.

"We currently have three spots left underwater.  Two are going down and shouldn't be closed much longer, and one there is a lot of water.  It could be a few weeks." said Peyman.

The big task ahead of the Martin County Highway Department, is to repair the gravel roads.

"There's missing gravel, there's soft spots.  It kind of leaves gullies and things like that, so we have to haul in new gravel and blades."

Money to pay for the repairs could come from state and federal sources.

"The first part is just gathering the information, submitting it to FEMA and the state and then if they determine that we qualify, then they'll send out a FEMA adjuster." Peyman said, explaining the process.

One farmer we talked to said having flooded roads was just an inconvenience, but having crops underwater is a true hardship.