WASHINGTON, D.C.- With Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement yesterday, a seat is now open for President Trump to fill.

It will be Trump's second nomination in as many years, appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch in April 2017.

Kennedy, a conservative, had held his seat for 30 years and was described as a swing voter.

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Senator Tina Smith issued a statement in response to Justice Kennedy's retirement.

Smith says "This is a pivotal moment in our country. With Justice Kennedy's retirement announcement Wednesday, the stakes have never been higher for making sure we choose a Supreme Court justice committed to the constitution and protecting the most fundamental rights of Americans; the right to vote, the ability to organize, a woman’s right to choose. Whomever replaces Justice Kennedy will no doubt have a say on issues that affect the lives of every American—on issues like our health care system, our elections, and the health of our environment."

President Trump says he will begin the search to replace Justice Kennedy immediately and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote on the President's nomination in the fall.

- KEYC 12