JANESVILLE, Minn. - This weekend, public safety officers will be ramping up patrols as they take part in Operation Dry Water, a national campaign aimed at deterring drinking and boating.
June 29th through July 1st, DNR conservation officers, deputies with the sheriff's office along with other agencies will be using enhanced efforts to put a stop to intoxicated boating. While failure to wear life jackets is the reason the majority of boating accidents turn fatal, over the past five years, alcohol has been a factor in about 44 percent of boating fatalities in Minnesota.
"Every year people are injured and killed in boating accidents last year in Minnesota half of the boating fatalities were dealing with alcohol related incidents. We want to reduce the number of alcohol related accidents which then would reduce the injuries and fatalities," Conservation Officer Chad Davis said.
Last year, conservation officers arrested five boaters for boating under the influence during the three-day campaign.
"Operation Dry Water likes to focus on the weekend right before the Fourth of July weekend which is kind of known for boating and alcohol activities," Davis added.
Minnesota has some of the strongest BWI laws in the country so public safety officials encourage boaters to leave alcohol on shore and boat on "dry water" not only this weekend but all summer long.

--KEYC News 12