The Mankato YMCA partnered with the University of Minnesota to bring S.P.L.A.S.H Camp to town.

S.P.L.A.S.H Camp provides a one week, low cost opportunity to young girls to learn about nutrition, swimming skills, resistance training and yoga.

"We begin the day with strength training," explained U of M Research Assistant Eydie Kramer.  "The girls have learned upper anatomy, lower anatomy and also core anatomy.  Within the strength training the girls have also learned how to properly work with dumb bells, kettle bells and body weight exercises."

The age group at this camp is critical, as this is a crucial time in a young girl's development.

"As girls begin to reach puberty, self–esteem decreases and risk for unhealthy behaviors increases compared to their male counterparts," said Kramer.  "We do know that if you intervene at an early age that this might break up the possibility that girls are going to be at a higher risk into their late teen years."

This was the last day of the June session of camp with another taking place July 23rd–27th.

Girls we talked to at this session highly recommend it to anybody interested in improving their health.

"I honestly don't know what my favorite experience was as it was all amazing," said camp participant Malia Karau.  "I like when we do the fitness stuff in the morning, I love love love the swimming and I think it's really cool that we're the only camp at the Y to be able to make our own snake.  I really do love cooking so it's just a great experience for me."

After the camp is over, families of the camp participants will be given a 10–week health program for the winter of 2019 to continue the healthy habits taught.

--KEYC News 12