What better way to defeat the sizzling effect of the sun then by jumping in the water?

At the Waseca Water Park, hundreds of locals didn't hesitate to pile in and cool off.

Although Friday's temperature reached into the mid–90s, that didn't hinder kids and adults from getting outside and embracing the sun.

Visitor Heather Sellner says "We decided to come because sitting inside gets a little boring and the kids get rambunctious. Why not come outside and enjoy the heat with the pool."

Down highway 14 in Madison Lake, dozens of families enjoyed a different body of water.

Even without slides or a diving board, H20 seemed to be the perfect solution to counter the sun's rays this afternoon at Bray Park.

Eagle Lake's Brenda Swantz says "We did the only thing we could do to stay cool today, the water is the only option. They are loving every second of it, they have been in the water and in the sand all day long. We've been hydrating and staying good."

While air temperatures didn't reach triple digits, Friday's dew point made it feel as high as 104 degrees.

- KEYC 12