MANKATO, MN- The search for missing 46–year–old Wendy Khan continued today with the help of former Mankato East High School classmates.

For four hours, friends and family walked around handing out flyers and asking residents if they've seen or heard anything regarding her disappearance.

With help from United Legacy, a search and rescue organization, groups of volunteers branched out over a two mile radius of where Khan's vehicle was found on June 7th. (Belle Avenue and Long Street)

The group as well as her daughter says spreading the word and keeping her photo at the forefront of neighborhoods and businesses will hopefully help find Khan.

Aneisah Khan says "It's amazing how many people actually care because my mom would do this for anybody. My mom was an absolute caring person. It's a tough situation what we're going through, but it's worth it because we just want my mom home safe. Make sure she's ok because we all want her back and we love her."

Khan has been missing since June 1st and if anyone knows any information regarding her location, they are encouraged to contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety at 507-387-8700.

- KEYC 12