COURTLAND, MN- Just after 1 p.m. Sunday, a mudslide fell onto highway 68, south of Courtland.

Nobody was hurt and debris included eight feet of mud and numerous trees that run 100 feet wide along the roadway.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says the portion of highway 68 near 480th Lane will be closed throughout the night and reassessed Monday morning to determine if the slope is stabilized and can be reopened.

The area recorded 2.5 inches of rain Saturday night, totaling over a foot in the month of June. 

Minnesota State Patrol assisted on scene and MnDot encourages drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

MnDot maintenance engineer Jed Falgren says "With the heavy rain that we've seen in recent weeks, we know the ground is saturated in many areas and certainly these ravine areas are susceptible to mudslides. I want to urge people to use some caution, at any time a slope could give way. In this case, it came down on a highway and fortunately there were no injuries."

- KEYC 12