WINDOM, MN- Those who were killed in action and called Cottonwood County home, will now have their name showcased as a street sign.

The dedication for these men travels back 150 years and illustrates their sacrifice whether they are buried there or not.

Board member of the Lakeview Cemetery Steve Frek says "Of the nine people honored with having streets named after them, five are buried here. One goes back to the civil war and four are buried elsewhere or missing in action."

Classmates of Vernon Tscherter, Patricia Elness-Brandt and Labonne Minnion adds "We think it's wonderful that it got done and in his honor. We're very glad they did it. Way back to the civil war which is really nice, it honors a lot of them."

The streets are named in chronological order from east to west, starting with the Civil War and ending with the Vietnam War.

For some, the dedication doesn't quite fill the void of anger toward that battle in the mid–1970s, with our country's decision to send Americans into Asia.

Brother of Thomas Piper, Robert Piper says "I think it's a necessary honor for one who's fought an unnecessary war. I'll put it very simply."

The Lakeview Cemetery stretches roughly six acres and with help from Fast Global Solutions, these warriors can continue to serve, helping guide families, military or not, to a loved ones tombstone.

The nine individuals honored Sunday:

From the Civil War, John B. Purrington served in Company C of the 38th volunteer Iowa Infantry

From WWI, Martin P. Borseth served in Company H as a corporal with the 6th Regiment

From WWII, Charles S. Willsher served as an Army Master Sergeant in the 3rd battalion, HQ Company 60th infantry, and Ninth Division

From Korean War, William F. Nelson served as First Lieutenant, Company B. 65th Infantry Regiment, and Third Infantry Division

From Vietnam War, Roger G. Carey served as private first class, Echo Battery, heavy artillery, and Third Marine Battalion Quant Tri Province 

From Vietnam War, Lawrence D. Gosen served as Lieutenant Commander in the Navy

From Vietnam War, Erwin J. Harder served as private first class in the First Cavalry Division, Air Mobile and Army

From Vietnam War, Thomas L. Piper served as Army private first class and First Infantry Division

From Vietnam War, Vernon S. Tscherter served as Staff Sergeant in National Guard

- KEYC 12