In honor of her husband, a Mankato woman committed to take part in a 3100 -mile- relay race called M-S Run the U-S.

Kristin Gunsolus has been training for a while.  On Sunday she passed the finish line in Iowa on one of the 18 legs of the run, as it made its way from Los Angeles to New York.

"Long six months of training and anticipation, a little bit of anxiety," said Gunsolus. 

The money was raised to fight Multiple Sclerosis. 

It was the finishing line Minnesota native Kristin Gunsolus has been waiting for, after training for an exhausting week, trekking 176 miles from Des Moines to Davenport.
"I'm running this race really for my husband Travis who has multiple sclerosis," said Gunsolus. 
Gunsolus's husband was diagnosed more than two year ago. He, their two sons, and family cheered on her completion. 
"Travis has the relapsing form, so it's not really progressed to a point where it impacts our life on a large scale," said Gunsolus.

" But that being said, it is a part of our lives and always will be."
M-S Run the U-S is an almost five-month long journey, putting soles to pavement, and Gunsolus was not alone.

Nearly 20 runners completed portions of this cross-country relay, and that has her handing the baton to the next marathoner.

Kelli McDonald of Joliet, Illinois ran for her mom, who first showed signs at her eighth grade graduation.

She carried this relay for her fifth year across the Land of Lincoln, because she said part of this run is for hope.
"My mom still has MS. My legs are still good, so as long as I can keep putting those miles in, I'll continue to do this," said McDonald. 

McDonald hoped by her lacing up, that uncertainty would be left in the dust, even if it took her running hundreds of miles.
"People with MS, they don't know," said McDonald.

They live in an uncertain world where they could be fine today and even by dinner time, their symptoms could be acting up or tomorrow."

McDonald completed the race but she says this is not the end. 

"It's nice to be done, but then I sign myself back up for next year," said McDonald. 
All legs of the relay conclude August 11, in New York City, New York. 

--KEYC News 12