LAKE CRYSTAL, MN - At Welsh Heritage Farms in Lake Crystal, apples make up the core of their business.

"There's an apple for anything.", remarked Tim Harbo, one of the owners of the farm.

Earlier this year, it looked like the weather was not going to cooperate.

"The late winter really kind of put us on hold in the early spring, as far as the trees kind of coming out of dormancy.", Harbo said.

The recent heavy rain and warm temperatures have been good for the apples.  Welsh Heritage Farms has not been affected by flooding, thanks to the fact the orchard is located in a hilly area. 

"It's been giving us good size on the fruit.  So, numbers look good on the orchard right now, as long as the weather doesn't get too bad, it should still size up really nicely and be a nice crop this year." Harbo said.

They plan on opening to the public on July 9th to sell peaches.  Apple fans will see their favorite fruit, starting in mid-August. 

Harbo: "We've got about 18 different varieties.  A lot of the great Minnesota varieties like Harrelson, Honeycrisp, Sweet Tango, but we run some of the more heirloom varieties as well."