SAINT PETER, MN- For 48 years, the city of Saint Peter has been entertaining thousands as it celebrates our nation's birth.

America's flag and colors marched down Washington Avenue and Elm Street.

Along with both past and present service members, community members came out full force as well.

The event, which begins with a Freedom Fun Run and ends with a picnic, brings a crowd of about 10,000 from near and far every year.

Colorado Spring, CO resident Mary Durham says "Fourth of July is the time to be here. I even told my husband you shouldn't miss this, but he wasn't able to make it."

Saint Peter resident Ruth Hall says "It just draws everybody together and as much as I can, I enjoy coming and seeing it all."

Saint Peter will be hosting its fireworks at the Nicollet County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, beginning at 10 p.m.

- KEYC 12