FAIRMONT, MN- For many places around southern Minnesota, the sky lit up in celebration of Independence Day.

The city of Fairmont however, didn't get to enjoy the dazzling display of lights.

Its annual fireworks show has been postponed due to the rainy weather expected.

Chairman of the show Roger Carlson says "We were afraid our community wasn't going to have the ability to get out and watch the fireworks. With the amount of money we spent, we wanted to let them have a better chance to see them. So, we postponed it to Friday night to put it on a weekend so they don't have to worry about work the next day."

This is the first time in 25 years that the show has been postponed.

With more than $25,000 worth of explosives currently sitting on the west side of Sisseton Lake, the city has been working with J & M Displays, to keep a close watch over the rockets.

The supervision ensures public stays as well as making sure would–be thieves don't ruin the show.

Carlson adds "We have to have somebody on site 24/7 here for liability, insurance purposes and safety. So, we have members of our committee that are taking shifts. They were here all night, we'll be here again all day and again tonight until the end of the day tomorrow when we start resetting."

Due to the extended stay of the fireworks, a portion of the bike trail that runs through this section has been closed until the show is over.

Carlson says one of the best spots to view the 20-25 minute display is Ward Park on the east side of the lake or better yet to get on the water and enjoy the show on a boat.

Again, the fireworks show is scheduled to take place at 10 p.m. Friday night at Sisseton Lake in Fairmont.