MANKATO, MN- The Blue Earth County Historical Society (BECHS) has unveiled a brand new exhibit that portrays life in the year 1918.

WWI, the flu pandemic, women's right to vote and other issues going on at that time are on display.

To help kick off the grand opening, the museum offered free admission Saturday for residents so they could take a first look at the new addition.

With so many topics and events taking place during this time exactly 100 years ago, members of the society will be informing visitors as they come check it out to ensure they are updated on what had been taking place.

BECHS archives collection manager Shelley Harrison says "We were sending off troops to fight the war because in 1918, we didn't know how long the war would be going on. So, we sent 175 men off to the front in July. I August, they'll be a whole lot of other details as well as September. In October, the flu will happen so we'll basically timeline life in 1918 at home and abroad."

The exhibit will be open until November 24th and if you'd like to learn more about it or the BECHS, you can visit