MANKATO, Minn. -- The intense heat and humidity is enough to push someone into the pool, but before you dive in, be sure you can swim.

Mankato Family YMCA Aquatics Director Jose Rosales Yepez said all YMCAs are working to teach kids the " Jump, Push, Turn and Grab." 

" Essentially we're teaching them how to, or what to do if they fall in the pool, without having those at bay swimming skills."

Rosales Yepez and his team of swim instructors work hard to ensure, that kids and their parents are knowledgeable about safety in the pool; anything to cut down on the possibility of losing a young one to drowning.

Swim Instructor Aurora Lorenz said it is especially important to teach preschoolers.  

"It's important because otherwise when they get older they have a really hard time learning how to swim," said Lorenz.

" Just because they're afraid to put their head in the water, they're afraid to go in the big pool, but if they're not afraid, they can learn so much more." 

 The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported 31 deaths in 2017, related to drowning. The dangers are balanced across all age groups, when you consider the amount of time spent in the water.

Everyone's best bet is to be comfortable in water, because often times panic is the biggest threat.

Swim Instructor Zach Au said when he teaches his students, it is important to be patient while exposing them to water. 

" We here usually have to work a lot on getting the kids comfortable in the water," said Au. 

Students are not the only one learning in these swim programs. The director said they also teach parents valuable lessons that could prevent drownings.  

"One of the things that we teach parents in the parental lesson is make sure that your kid is arm's length away, even if they're wearing a life jacket," said Rosales Yepez. 

 " You know a life jacket might give people a false sense of security, especially if you go to the deck, and the kids in the water by himself." 

Mankato Family YMCA has different swim classes for preschoolers, youth, and even private lessons for adults.  

-- KEYC News 12