Severe flooding this summer has caused road closures across southern and western Minnesota.

In the city of Henderson, on the banks of the Minnesota and Rush rivers, flooding is so commonplace, it is built into the city's design.

River flooding over the last few weeks has left the city trapped due to road closures. Residents who live just over the closed Hwy. 93 bridge must take a detour that turns their typical five minute drive into quite the commute.

"I would say anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour," Becky Pollack of Henderson said, estimating her commute that was once a short drive down Hwy. 93.

On Monday afternoon, County Road 6 heading out of town was closed, leaving only MN Hwy. 19 to the west as the route to get in and out of Henderson.

Many shops and restaurants on Henderson's Main Street have seen a hit to summer business, but Pollack says the quiet streets from lack of highway traffic makes Henderson a pleasant spot to visit.

--KEYC News 12