NORTH MANKATO, MINN - North Mankato's Farmers Market had a delayed opening this summer due to rain,

The market was originally slated to open on June 11 but was pushed back to the following week due to severe weather.

Heavy rain in recent weeks has over-saturated fields with water, making it difficult for some of the vendors to keep a consistent crop yield for sale.

"I've been fairly fortunate to have what I have," said Robert VanHoldt, owner of Granada Gardens. "It hasn't affected me terribly but it has affected a lot of the gardeners at the farmers market who don't have any product yet to share."

Some vendors aren't as reliant on fields to farm and are actually benefiting from the rain due to the setting of their urban garden.

"We also don't have any running water at our garden plot so we collect all the rainwater that we can and use a pump to water our gardens," said Alise Torgusen. "So the rain in that case has been really beneficial to us."

It's not just crops that are affected by the rain either.

Some vendors at the market sell products such as honey where production can be hampered by too much rain.

"It also hurts the bees too because they can't get out and fly," said Kaylee Moody of Moody Bees Honey. "I've been seeing that they're not getting out and they're not building as much wax and so it's kind of set us back a little bit for honey harvest."

The Farmers Market has been running for five weeks now, but some vendors say the influx of customers has gone down due to the delayed start.

"We just have to readjust and sell the products we have now and hope the other ones catch up." said Van Holdt.

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