NORTH MANKATO, MN - You might want to brush up on your Latin for this one.  A conservation group wants to 'Carpe Carpio', or 'seize the carp.'
The Crystal Waters project is asking for donations that will be used to pay for removal of invasive carp from Crystal and Loon Lakes.  They call the campaign, 'Carpe Carpio.'

These fish stir up sediment from the bottom of lakes, which ends up blooming into blue-green algae.
Gina Cooper, who is part of the Crystal Waters Project, said: "We've already got dollars committed towards the Carpe Carpio project, so any additional money that we raise from that program will go towards getting more carp out of the lake."
The group wants to raise $5000 dollars for the effort.  They say just $20 removes 100 pounds of carp