Annual crime rates have gone down across Blue Earth County, according to the County Attorney's Office Mid-Year Report.

However, felonies within the county have steadily increased over the last several years.

470 reported felonies in 2012 has grown in five years to 770 felonies in 2017.

At Tuesday's Board of Commissioners meeting, county attorney Pat McDermott explained the figures in the report. There, he said the growing number of visitors in the city as well as an increasing population of adults aged 18-24 comes with an inherent risk of higher felony-level crimes.

As for the decrease in overall crime, McDermott explained that common misdemeanors like reckless driving are now simply payable, and no longer require a court appearance.

For the community, McDermott urges everyone that if they "see something, say something."

--KEYC News 12