MANKATO, MINN - Cooking enthusiasts looking to save time throughout the week stopped by Hy–Vee tonight for some meal prepping, 
Everybody has experienced coming home from a long day of work and having no energy to get dinner ready.

People looking to avoid that problem gathered at the Riverfront Hy–Vee Tuesday to learn about meal–prepping, where a week's worth of meals can be whipped up in less than two hours.

A registered dietitian with Hy–Vee led a group of aspiring meal–preppers tonight, guiding them through preparing seven meals that not only satisfy their appetites, but their health needs too.
"It's all just kind of revolving around healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, they all incorporate protein that is fresh cut right in our meat department right before the class," said Holly Ellison, Riverfront Hy-Vee's registered dietitian. "And then they all include bright colored vegetables, they all have cooking instructions and side instructions with what to pair with it as well."
Tonight's class included recipes for dishes like gumbo, stuffed peppers, and cilantro chicken, among other options.
"All of these recipes in class are recipes that I use at home, some of them I've even take from my grandma and my husband's great–grandma's recipe book," said Ellison. "I've just changed them to eliminate all the lard and all the salt and add a few other healthier ingredients."
Time equals money and Hy–Vee says meal prepping will save a lot of both of those things.
"On average, if you were to buy all of the ingredients and bring this home and do it, you'd be spending anywhere from $130 to $199 for these ingredients." said Ellison. "Again, we're using fresh–cut, high–quality meat, nothing but the best of what I would use at home for myself or these classes."
The full–set class provides seven four–serving meals for under $100 or half the servings for $50.

For more information on the class, contact Holly Ellison at 507.625.1107 or via email at

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