If you've passed Fallenstein Field in the last few weeks, you probably noticed the bright orange and blue playground equipment popping up. Now is your chance to be a part of the build.
"It's just been incredible to watch the whole piece by piece come together over the last couple weeks. It's been an incredible journey that we've been on over the last three years, to really see it come to fruition has been a fantastic experience," said Eric Sletten, Executive Director at the Miracle League of North Mankato.
E3 Services an organization that travels around Minnesota installing adaptable playgrounds has headlined the development.
"We were anticipating about a three-week install on this project and with the crazy weather that we've had, its gotten drawn out a little bit. We should be another two weeks fairly wrapped up with the installation side of things and there's surfacing that needs to go on after we're done," President of E3 Services Mark McLaughlin added.
Now, the community has a chance to be involved in the building process.
"On this Friday, Friday the 13th from 9-noon, we're going to have a community build where the community can come out and out pieces together, twist some bolts, walk around and see what we have going on. They've been such an integral part we want to make sure that they're continually involved and really seeing where all their efforts and donations have gone to," Sletten said.
"Having the pieces pre-assembled for us to install is a great help and I know there's a lot of volunteer work that's gone on this project and it's been well appreciated," McLaughlin said.
Spaces are filling quickly but the public is invited to get a glimpse at the progress and what it will mean for children once it's completed.
"I was driving out of Caswell the other night there was a young boy that was walking out and he told his dad, I can't wait to play on that playground. It's one of those things that you're like, yeah, this is going to be great," Sletten added.