NORTH MANKATO, MN - Kids might be a little perplexed by this dentist's office, but to their parents, the dentist-on-wheels is a godsend.

"They were confused, like 'we're going in there?'" said Terri Walton, who took her 3 daughters to visit Ucare's mobile dental clinic.

Walton also mentioned: "A lot of the dentists here in town and the surrounding areas are either not taking patients or they're not accepting our insurance."

Ucare and the University Of Minnesota School Of Dentistry teamed up to create this mobile dental clinic to better serve patients that might not have access to a dentist.
Dr. Paul Schulz, who is in charge of the mobile office, said: "We're fortunate to be able to come here and see people that have sometimes had a hard time finding a dentist."

Patients are treated to first class care by 4th year dental students, who are a few tests away from becoming dentists.  The mobile clinic has traveled all over the state doing everything from simple cleanings and fillings, to more complex procedures.

"We try to follow where U-care members are.  So we see every year where the census of U-care members are and we track those populations to bring care to them.", Dr. Schulz added.

Terri Walton's kids didn't seem to mind going to the mobile dentist, probably because their check-ups went very well.

"No cavities, she got all her permanents, so yeah, they're doing real good!", she said proudly.

If you are a Ucare patient and want to be seen by the mobile clinic, you will need an appointment.  Call 1-866-451-1555 to set one up.