Bluebird Cakery in downtown Mankato is opening its doors this summer for kids to have a chance at creating their very own cupcakes.

The bakery was looking for a way to entice new customers and they figured they couldn't go wrong pairing cupcakes with kids.
"Cupcakes are kind of our brand. We absolutely love cupcakes they're super fun super easy, nobody hates a cupcake. Kids really love cupcakes too so we just give them frosting and sprinkles and they could just go out it," kitchen manager Wyatt Gag said. 
The classes will occur twice a week one during the day and the other an evening option. $15 gets you four cupcakes to decorate. As expected spots fill up quick. 
"We give them an apron, we give them a hairnet and then we teach them how to make buttercream. They unwrap the butter they toss it in, they mix the sugar all together and all the other ingredients. After that we decide on colors for the buttercream so piping bags and then I instruct them how to do some basic piping techniques and then I just let them loose," Gag added.
While it's planned to continue throughout the summer depending on the success classes could carry on this winter.

Find out the next event by visiting Bluebird Cakery's facebook page,

--KEYC News 12